The founder of Bergen Fjord Adventures is Mariann Persson. She grew up in “LitleSotra”, which is one of the beautiful islands of the archipelago west of Bergen. She grew up in a family that cherishes the sea and during her childhood she spent most of her time exploring the surrounding sea areas (known as the archipelago). She was especially fascinated by the unique and incredible dishes one could prepare by simply finding fresh produce and delicacies by the shore. She knows the western archipelago like the back of her hand, and as a result she has discovered the hidden gems that might lie behind the local reefs and coves. She, as a passionate local, is now inviting others to experience the magic of the archipelago and all the opportunities it has to offer.


The concept of “Fjord cuisines” is created as an effort to convey and show others the excitement of preparing food in the wild, and more importantly what you can make with the ingredients (of the finest quality) available at hand by the shore. In addition to this we will bring with us some of the finest fresh sea food and find flavour enhancing produce by the shore and finally create a gastronomic meal. This will be a unique meal consisting of various smaller dishes, which will inspire your culinary experience for years to come.