It goes without saying that we have all the necessary safety equipment in place in order to operate a small vessel. The operation of a small vessel is subject to several sets of legislation which govern everything from life jackets to required markings and rules to avoid collisions. Safety is our number one priority! We provide all passengers with life jackets and fleece lined flotation suits. Further, the vessel is equipped with GPS, VHF, fire extinguisher, drogue, buoy, first aid kit and boat flares. All persons operation the vessel have passed all the necessary certificates and courses required for operating a vessel with passengers. Before departure a thorough briefing of safety instruction and important information will be given. The purpose of these boating standards is to ensure that all boating is conducted in a manner that will maximise safety and provide for an enjoyable experience. 

For your information: 

  • For safety reasons people who are under the influence will not be allowed to participate. 
  • It is of vital importance that we are informed about health conditions and allergies in those cases where we need to adapt the tours accordingly. 
  • If your bring personal belongings this it at your own risk. We will provide each passengers with a small waterproof dry bag. 
  • With regard to health and safety legislation we have to return to Bergen before dark.


The vessel that is used is a Stingray RIB. It is 26 feet and has an outboard engine with 250 hp. The boat is designed to withstand rough weather conditions and waves. The vessel is equipped with comfortable and secure seating, creating a safe and pleasant journey. The RIB is a low open vessel providing a unique experience of being close to the sea. 

We can accommodate 12 passengers. For larger groups there is the option of hiring additional RIBs. We also have access to a boat with a cabin (a closed space) for smaller groups. 


We will provide all our passengers with life jackets and fleece lined flotation suits, protective eye goggles and a small waterproof dry bag. It is crucial that you dress according to the weather conditions, and remember that the cold air from the sea can be chilling - it is therefore advised that you bring an extra layer of clothing.

To help you prepare we have created a checklist of what you should wear, though this will of course vary depending on the season and weather conditions:

  • A warm beanie (or something to cover your ears) 
  • Gloves 
  • A scarf
  • Fleece lined boots (or other warm footwear)
  • Layers of wool clothing (including wool socks)
  • Waterproof outerwear 

Our regular tours will depart from the harbour of Bergen "Vågen" then continue to "Byfjorden", "Vatlestraumen" and finally "Hjeltefjorden", without entering the open sea. There is also the possibility of choosing a different pick-up location in the area, so please do not hesitate to contact us. 

In regards to the customised tours we mainly stay in the area between "Øygarden" and "Austevoll" - please contact us for further information.